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Once the Revyz Data Manager app has been installed in your site, data from your Jira cloud site is automatically backed-up every 24 hours into the secure Revyz cloud data store. The Revyz cloud is built on AWS’s public cloud infrastructure.

Backup - salient points

Data backup frequency

  • The first backup occurs automatically as soon as the app is installed into your Jira cloud site, no additional action is needed.

    • The first backup may take significant amount of time, depending on the number of issues that exist in your site along with the volume of attachment data.

  • Subsequent backups are automatically triggered at 12:00 AM UTC following the completion of the first backup.

    • Due to the incremental nature of the backup system, subsequent backups after the first backup are significantly faster as only data that has changed is backed-up

Data that is backed up

  • Supported Project types:

    • Jira Software (JSW)

    • Jira Service Management (JSM)

    • Jira Work Management (JWM)

    • Jira Project Discovery (JPD) (beta)

  • At this point of time we support the following Jira data objects to be backed-up:

    • Issues and associated objects:

      • Issue data

      • Attachments

      • Comments

      • Link

      • Worklogs

    • Configuration objects

  • Fields

    • Field configuration schemes

    • Field configurations

    • Fields

    • Issue attributes

      • Issue link types

      • Issue priorities

      • Issue security schemes

      • Notification schemes

      • Permission schemes

      • Statuses

    • Issue types

      • Issue type schemes

      • Issue types

    • Projects

      • Boards

      • Filters

      • Project categories

      • Project components

      • Project features

      • Project versions

      • Project role actors

      • Sprints

    • Screens

      • Issue type screen schemes

      • Screen schemes

      • Screens

        • Screen tab

        • Screen tabs fields

    • Workflows

      • Workflow schemes

      • Workflows

        • Conditions

        • Post functions

        • Transition rules

        • Transition properties

        • Validators

    • Miscellaneous

      • Automation rules

      • Issue link types

    • JSM Configurations

      • Request types

      • Form templates

More data objects being supported over the course of time - Please open a support ticket if you see something missing that you need ASAP

Data retention

Your backup data is retained for up to a period of 3 years

On demand backups

As an administrator you can trigger an on-demand backup at any point of time and also select what you would like to backup i.e. Jira issues data or Jira configuration data which includes Automation rules, Assets configurations & Assets objects or all of them.

On demand backups can be triggered from the “Backup” menu page

  • Backup Reports

    • Now you can download backup configuration data reports in CSV format

  1. Jira Configurations report - Click on Configurations reports & select the objects for downloading the data

  1. Assets Configurations reports - Click on Configurations reports & select the objects to downloading the data

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