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Customizing Notification Issue's status mapping

Use case:

  • Admin wants to replace default Jira issue status with another one.

  • Ex: By default, When Revyz job transitions to ‘Partial Success’, the Notification issue transitions to ‘Done’ status.

    • Instead, Admin wants to replace the ‘Partial Success’ → ‘Done’ mapping to ‘Partial Success’ → ‘Partial Success’.



  • Identify the Revyz Notifications Project

    • Revyz Notifications Project can be found in Revyz app

  • Identify the workflow which is being used by the Revyz Notification Project and edit it by navigating it to ‘Workflows’ page (‘https://<yourdomain>')


  • Define the new mapping for Revyz job status → Notification Issue status

    • Ex: 'Partial Success’ → ‘Partial Success’

  • Select / Add the desired status to the workflow

    • Ex: Add ‘Partial Success’ status to the workflow

  • Ensure to check ‘Allow all statuses to transition to this one’ and add the status

  • Publish the draft workflow. It should reflect the newly added status.

  • Reach out to Revyz support at ' ' and share the new status name mapping

    • Ex: 'Partial Success’ → ‘Partial Success’

  • Revyz support will update the details on backend and confirm. Once confirmed the changes will start reflecting on Revyz app UI.

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