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Issues history

  • Click on site insights in left navbar - > select Issues in top navbar

    • You can see all the details related to issues

      • In issues change history, you can see created,updated & deleted count date wise

  • You can see per user deleted count in pie chart at top right corner

  • You can see all deleted issues history in table format present at the bottom

    • You can see more details like project, issue key,issue type,initiator etc

    • You can search specific deleted issue by issue key, also you can filter by project name, issue type & initiator

  • Restore deleted issues

  • You can see the issues of hierarchy level 0 and above i.e Epic, story etc. you can see sub tasks after expanding the parent issue

  • You can restore deleted issues quickly by just selecting the issues and clicking on “Restore” button

    • E.g. Issue Task (BTP-3742) with 3 sub tasks

      Screenshot from 2024-02-21 18-44-59-20240221-131459.png

    • If Task (BTP-3742) is deleted then you can see that issue in Site insights on left navbar - > select Issues history on top navbar


    • Select the issues & click on “Restore“

    • Check confirmation message and again click on “Restore“

    • It will render on Jobs page. Where you have to click on recent job id

    • In above example, clicked on job id 3513

    • 4 selected Issues are restored. Also you can download job reports by clicking on download button placed in Jira Issues card. It will give clear picture of what is restored

    • Also you can check user logs by clicking on Logs

    • Issue Task with 3 sub tasks is restored as expected


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