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Backup Settings

  • Each sections on this page is used to configure settings as per the requirement

  • Click on “Settings” in left navbar - > “Backup“ on top navbar

  • General

    1. Data backups - In data backups card, you can enabled & disabled backups by clicking on Edit button. Backups for Assets objects, Assets configurations & Automation rules you should have atlassian API token

      Screenshot from 2024-03-22 11-52-31-20240322-062231.png
      Screenshot from 2024-03-22 11-52-39-20240322-062239.png

    2. Retention policy - Your revyz backups will persist in revyz’s data storage for upto 3 years. you can select retention period i.e 6 months, 1 year and 3 years

    3. Scheduled backup window - You can select backup windows for automatic backups or system backups

    4. Data storage region - This gives you region name where your backed up data is stored

    5. Delete issues events - Revyz always captures deleted issues metadata in real if you disabled the toggle button, only metadata will be stored.

  • Project inclusion/exclusion tab : You can see all projects from Jira site. You can include or exclude the projects by clicking on “Edit“ button


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