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Jira configurations Clone

  • Jira configurations clone allows you to clone user selected Jira configurations from your source site to destination site or self site.

  • Click on Clone & Restore in left navbar - > Click on Clone in top navbar

  • Click on Jira configurations

  • You will see source site is disabled

  • You can see recent snapshot is auto selected. You can select other snapshot too

  • Click on Next

  • You will see destination site details where self site is auto selected. You can choose other site for cross site restore

  • Click on Compare snapshots - It will show the changes of Jira config objects of source site & destination site

  • After clicking on Compare snapshots, it will identify changes & dependencies

  • Action column represents whether that object is creating or updating

  • Select objects which you want to clone

  • You can see the diff view, by clicking on diff view you can see the difference on destination site i.e how it will look before clone & after clone


  • E.g. Following screenshot is for creating the object. i.e object is not present in destination site


  • E.g. Following screenshot describes updating the object i.e some change in that object


  • After viewing diff you can close it & click on Review dependencies


  • After clicking on “View Summary “ page, you will get summary of what you have selected

  • Confirm all user selected objects & dependencies (if any) & click on Clone


  • Confirm prompt message & you can give job notes. Enter source site name to proceed and click on clone


  • You can see all restored jobs in jobs tab in top navbar, Job type will be Jira Configuration Clone

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