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Protect - Backup & Restore

  1. Backup (Revyz backs up the following)

    1. All Jira project types (JSW, JSM including JSM assets)

    2. Jira Issues

    3. Jira Configurations

    4. Assets configurations

    5. Assets objects

2. Restore (Revyz restores the following)

a. Assets configurations

b. Assets objects

c. Jira configurations

d. Jira issues(create new issues & revert existing issues)

e. Jira issue attachments

Use cases:

  • Backing up your data is crucial because it helps you to protect your valuable information from loss & damage

    • For e.g. Any accidental deletion of data, human error,data loss, external attacks , software crashes etc.

    • Data security

    • Data recovery & replication

    • Easy data management

    • Cost control in long run

  • Restoring your data is simple process of restoring data from the backups

    • You can restore the things whenever required

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