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Revyz will create ticket for each action i.e after triggering backup jobs, restore jobs, Cleanup actions jobs & notify you through email. Revyz will create issue ticket and associated it to project you created. In that project you can check all the created issues.

  • To know more details about Notifications , Click on Settings in left navbar and click on Notifications in top navbar

  1. Notification issues

  • All created issues i.e tickets of each action will created in this project “New projects for notifications“

  • E.g. In following screenshot, User has created new project notifications & triggered two jobs so two issues are created in notifications project

2. Notification issue status mapping

  • After triggering job, Issue will get created in your project. so it will change the states as per your job state for e.g

Queued - > To Do

Running - > In progress

Success - > Done

  • In following screenshot, triggered backup job is in running state and created issue is in In Progress state

3. Notifications,Schedule & Issue type mapping

  • You can select when to notified

  • By clicking on Edit button, you can change the settings

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