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Example of object schema

Snapshots used before 15th April 2024 allows you to select restore setting while restoring object schema

  1. Object schema settings

  • While restoring object schema, there are two settings, one is for object type & other is for statuses

  • You can restore only one object schema at a time

  • Revyz will add revyz_job id after restoring object type & statuses, If some objects are already restored, then it will restore with new job id

  • For e.g. If you select College object schema

    • It has 2 object type - Class & Division & 2 statuses Open & Closed

  • Click on Next

  • If you select setting as Create new in object types - > it will also restore class & division as it is associated to college

  • Click on Assets in the top, You will find restored schema College_sanity1

  • Click on restored schema

  • You can see restore results in following screenshot

  • If you select Do not restore then it will not restore Class & Division. only college will get restored as it is selected

  • In case of statuses, if you select Create new then it will restore Open & Closed status as it is associated to college

  • If you select Do not restore then it will not restore Open & Closed, but it will restore college as it is selected

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