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Terms and Concepts

Terms & Concepts



Backup Job

A backup job references the data backup operation that is backing up your data from Atlassian cloud to the Revyz cloud


Restore Job

A restore job references the data restore operation that is restoring your data from Revyz cloud to your site in the Atlassian cloud



A snapshot references the dataset as retrieved by a backup job on a given day and time


Jira configurations clone

In Clone & Restore - > Clone - >Jira configurations allows you to clone user selected Jira configurations from your source site to destination site or self site i.e you can clone issue types, issue type schemes,screens, screes, screen schemes,Issue type screen schemes,workflows,workflow scheme, fields, field configurations,Field configuration schemes from one site to other site or same site


Project clone

Project clone allows you to clone selected projects along with its configurations from your source site to destination site or self site


Asset configurations

In Clone & Restore - >Granular restore - >Assets configurations includes object schemas, object types & statuses. It allows you to restore object schemas, object types & statuses in JSM Assets


Assets objects

In Clone & Restore - >Granular restore - > Assets objects allow you to restore assets objects from the schemas in JSM Assets


Jira issues

In Clone & Restore - >Granular restore - > Jira issues - >It allows you to restore jira issues. There are two options
1. create new copies - It is also called as bulk issues. you can restore issues of the project from one site to another site or in the same site

  1. Revert existing issues - Reverting issues will update existing issues back to their selected snapshots versions


Jira issue attachment

In Clone & Restore - >Granular restore - >Jira issue attachments allows you to restore attachments in the same issue or in alternate issues


Site Insights

Site insights allows you to view your site data in a graphical way


Cleanup actions

Cleanup actions allows you to delete unwanted jira objects from the site


Audit log

Audit log gives you the visibility of all the actions taken within revyz backup & restore app



Settings allows you to configure different sections as per your requirement



Revyz notifications enables you to receive Revyz app specific updates directly within your Jira site as “Issues”


Cross-site connections

Setup a connection between this site and other jira cloud sites to facilitate project migration between the connected sites

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