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Attachments - Malware scanner

What is Attachment malware scanner?

Revyz will scans Jira issues attachments for malware if user has enabled this feature from settings. Once you enabled it - Revyz will start scanning all the attachments present in Jira issues

What is Attachment size limit for scanning?

Revyz will scans Jira issues attachments upto 500 MB

What is Attachment the meaning of "Skipped" in attachments data?
  1. The attachments scans for the first time will not be scanned again later. For those attachments status would be Skipped

  2. The attachments more than 500 MB will be skipped

  • To see the status & type of malwares - click on Site insights in left navbar - > Select Attachments on top navbar


1. Issue key - It will give you the issue key in which attachment is present

2. File name - It will show the name of the attachment

3. File size - It will give you the size of the attachment

4. File extension - It will give you the type of files i.e csv, jpg, zip etc

5. Malware scan status - It will give you the status of scanning process i.e file is scanned or not

6. Malware detected - It will show the status after scanning if malware is detected then Yes

7. Malware type - If malware is detected then it will show the types of detected malware

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