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Project clone with issues

  • Project clone allows you to clone selected project along with its configurations from your source site to destination site or self site

  • Also you can clone the issues present in the project

  • Click on Clone & Restore in left navbar - > Click on Clone in top navbar

  • Click on Project

  • You can see source site is auto selected & disabled

  • self site as destination is auto selected,also you can select other site from the list

  • Click on Next

  • Select configuration snapshot

  • Select project which you want to clone

  • Click on Next

  • Enter new project details i.e project name & project key. Make sure project key must be unique

    • If you enter same key it gives the message that entered key is already used, it will not allow to clone

  • If you want to clone project with issues, then select checkbox “Restore project issues in the cloned project“ & select issues snapshot - It will take latest issue snapshot by default then click on “Clone“ button

  • If you don’t want to clone issues & clone only the project, do not select “Restore project issues in the cloned project“ and click on “Clone” button

  • It will show prompt where you confirm your selected project name & new project name. Once it is confirmed, click on “Clone project“

  • You can see your cloned project status in “Jobs”

  • In above screenshot, click on job id “1630” to check more details, you can see all the objects with status & count. Also you can check job logs if any of them is marked as partial success or failed

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