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Project clone with issues

  • Project clone allows you to clone selected project along with its configurations from your source site to destination site or self site

  • Also you can clone the issues present in the project

  • Click on Clone & Restore in left navbar - > Click on Clone in top navbar

  • Click on Project


  • You can see source site is auto selected & disabled

  • Self site as destination is auto selected,also you can select other site from the list to clone project on other site (cross site)

  • Click on Next

  • Select configuration snapshot

  • Select project which you want to clone

  • Click on Next


  • Enter new project details i.e project name & project key. Make sure project key must be unique and same project name is not allowed i.e project with that name should not be present on destination. If you enter same key & name it will give the message that key & name is already used, it will not allow to clone

Screenshot from 2024-03-21 18-01-02-20240321-123102.png
Screenshot from 2024-03-21 18-01-07-20240321-123107.png


  • You can select one or more projects at same time. You can change new name & new key, select project lead.Search first three letters for project lead name then only you can see project lead

  • If you want to clone project with issues, then enabled toggle in“Restore issues” column & latest issues snapshot will be shown after clicking on restore issues

  • Click on Review dependencies - It will give all the dependencies in that project e.g. Issue types, schemes , workflow schemes etc. For JSM - company managed projects , it will show request types of each projects

  • Click on View summary where you can summarize selected things with “Action to be taken“ i.e create, modify

  • Click on Clone, confirm site name & click on name

  • If you don’t want to clone issues & clone only the project, do not select “Restore project issues in the cloned project“ and click on “Clone” button

  • It will show prompt where you confirm your selected site names & you can add job notes. Once it is confirmed, click on “Clone“

  • You can see your cloned project status in “Jobs”

  • click on job id “2119” to check more details, you can see all the objects with status & count. Also you can check job logs if any of them is marked as partial success or failed


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