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Frequently asked questions(FAQ's)

How long is my backup data retained for?

Confluence data backed-up is retained for a period of 365 days or 1 year

What is the frequency of the automatic Confluence data backup?

A backup job automatically runs every 24 hours at midnight UTC.

Can I get a free app trial?

Yes we offer a free trial for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 59 days. The exact number of days is determined by Atlassian based on your billing cycle.

How do I start my backups after I install the Revyz Data Manager for Confluence app from the marketplace?

Once you install the app from the marketplace, complete the app setup to start automatic daily backups.

Why does a backup job go into "Queued" state instead of running immediately?

The backend infrastructure we have built is all server less, it takes a minute or so for a new “container” to get spun up to get the job worked on. This is true for backups

Where is my Confluence data backed up to?

Revyz backs up your confluence data into Revyz’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) tenant. The supported AWS data centers are:

  • Europe (Frankfurt)

  • US (N.virginia)

  • AP ( Asia Pacific)

We plan to add support for additional AWS data centers over the course of time.

What is the maximum size of an attachment backup?

Revyz backs up an attachment upto 1 GB max

Is my data encrypted?

Revyz Security Model

Data security is paramount at Revyz. We ensure data is encrypted in-motion and at-rest.

Data at-rest is encrypted using industry standard envelope encryption scheme.

  1. Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 to protect data in-motion over the internet

  2. TLS is terminated in Revyz’s cloud compute process

  3. Tenant specific and unique key encryption key (KEK) is created and stored in AWS Key Management System (KMS)

  4. A unique data encryption key (DEK) is generated per “n” objects used to encrypt data at-rest stored in S3. Objects references Confluence spaces, pages, attachments, footer comments, and inline comments

  5. DEK is further encrypted using KEK and is stored in S3 along with the corresponding objects that where encrypted with that specific DEK

Learn more about envelope encryption here

Who can access my data?

Customer data backed up within Revyz is encrypted and not accessible or readable by Revyz employees as part of their regular operations. Access to data stored within Revyz is solely subject to policies and authorized user permissions established and managed by the customer.

Does Revyz support Bring Your Own Key (BYOK)?

The encryption scheme built by Revyz allows for the customer to control the main encryption key also known as the Key Encryption Key (KEK) [Reference our encryption scheme]. Revyz plans to support BYOK along with Atlassian in 2024

Does Revyz app have audit logs?

All activity within the Revyz app is logged. Please reference the audit log feature available within the Revyz app under the “Settings” menu.

Is Revyz SOC2 certified?

Yes Revyz SOC2 Type II, if you need the SOC2 report, please open support request here.

What happens to my data after the free trial is completed?

After the completion of the free trial, if you decide to continue with the Revyz Data manager for confluence app, your data continues to reside with Revyz, if for some unforeseen reason you decide not to continue with Revyz, your data will be automatically deleted on the 5th Saturday after you have un-installed our application.

Where can I learn more about Revyz's Security & Compliance ?

To learn more about Revyz’s Security policies, please refer to Revyz’s security documentation available here.

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