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Backup Settings

Backup section on this page is used to configure settings as per the requirement

  • Click on Settings on Left navbar

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  1. Scheduled backup window - Automatic backups are scheduled every 24 hours, you can pause the automatic backups by disabling the toggle

  2. Retention policy - Your confluence data backup will persist in Revyz’s data storage for upto 3 years. You can select period for retention i.e 6 months, 1 year & 3 years

    Screenshot from 2024-05-20 13-31-40-20240520-080140.png

  3. Data storage region - This specifies the region where your Confluence backup data is stored. The region is automatically selected based on the Atlassian data residency of your site 

  4. Space inclusion/exclusion - The confluence site space list is consolidated during installation and after every backup. You can easily include/exclude spaces from the backup by editing the space list

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