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  • Click on “Restore” on left navbar

  • Click on “Granular restore“ on top navbar - > Select Blogs

  • Select space on source site

  • Space list contains the type of space(global,personal) and number of blogs present in that space

  • Click on “Next

  • Select destination site space name where you want to restore selected blog

  • Click on “Preview blogs“ where you will see blogs present on selected source site space


  • Select blog and click on “View summary“ to check selected data. you can also filter by name if more blogs are selected

  • Click on “Restore“

  • Add job notes (optional) and click on “Restore”

  • Once job is triggered, click on recent job id to see the restore job details

  • Job details gives you clear picture about selected blog is restored or not. In above example 1 blog is selected and it contains 2 attachments so it is restored successfully with its attachments


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