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Restore job logs

  • In Restore, click on Jobs in the top navbar where you can see all restore jobs. 

  • By clicking on the Job id, you will get all the job details & logs of that particular job.

  • E.g If you want to see job logs for job id 405. You will have to click on that job id.


  • Job details - It gives clear picture of what you have restore with its count i.e. In job 405, 1 Page is restored which includes 2 attachments & no footer comments in it. It is showing in card view i.e page count is 1 , attachment count is 2 and footer comments “NA“ as footer comments are not present in that page

  • Restore reports - Also you can download the report by clicking on “Download reports“ where you will get all detailed information about restored page i.e page title, original id , new id, status, restored, parent type, original parent id, new parent id,

  • Job notes - You can put some notes while restoring the job. It will help in future to remember certain things by reading the job notes

  • Logs - It will give you timestamp and line by line description of restored page


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