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Accessing Revyz Data Manager for Confluence from behind Firewall

To access the 'Revyz Data Manager for Confluence' app from behind a firewall, you’ll need to figure out exactly which IP addresses should be permitted. Revyz supports locations worldwide, so it’s essential to determine from which locations you want to allow traffic.

  1. Identify the App region: Contact Revyz support to identify the app data residency region for your site and get the app domain.

  2. Get the IP address which are to be allowed:

    1. To retrieve the IP addresses run following command from your machine (Windows / macOS / Linux):

      1. nslookup <app domain>

      2. Example

        1. nslookup

    2. The command will return list of IP addresses which can be whitelisted.

  3. Update Firewall rules: Add the list of IP addresses from step 2 to your Firewall rules.

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