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Revyz Data Manager for Confluence Capabilities

In this page, you’ll find a detailed listing of the key capabilities supported by the Revyz Assets Data Manager solution.


Revyz Data Manager for Confluence

Information Security & Compliance


Data is Encrypted in-motion and at-rest

In-Motion | TLS 1.2

At-Rest | AES 256 bit key, AES-GCM mode, HKDF-512 bit key derivation and commitment, ECDSA with P-384 and SHA-384

More information here -

Qualys SSL Labs



Revyz is a SOC2 Type 2 compliant organization check out our Trust Center for more information -

ISO 27001

Revyz is a SOC2 Type 2 certified - ISO 27001 certification is driven by customer needs and it is currently gathering interest!

Personal Information Treatment

Revyz does not access a customers personal information directly and neither does it process that information. Any information that is present in Jira that was added in by the customer is pulled into the Revyz data store for backup puroposes and the information is encrypted - in-motion and at rest - learn more about our encryption methodology here -

Immutable App Audit Logs

The Revyz App maintains a detailed access log of administrators accessing the Revyz app as well as maintaining any actions taken with the app including app setting changes, data restores etc..

Role Based Access Control

The Revyz App utilizes Atlassian native roles based access control scheme

Data Residency

🌐 Data Residency options: AWS US East 🇺🇸 Frankfurt 🇩🇪 Sydney 🇦🇺 Canada Central 🇨🇦 Singapore 🇸🇬

Reference data residency support -

Immutable, air-gapped backups 



Support Operations time & process

We have customers across the globe - hence we offer 24x5 support during weekdays, we are just a zoom call away!

The Revyz team operates out of 3 countries:

  • United States of America 🇺🇸

  • India 🇮🇳

  • New Zealand 🇳🇿

To request a call at anytime reach out to our support desk here - someone will respond to schedule a zoom meeting if need be

Phone Support


Data Protection (Backup & Restore)

Easy setup

Native to Atlassian App installation process - you never have to go outside of your Jira console

Automatic daily backups


Cloud Storage

Please reference our Fair Use Policy, for most Jira and Confluence objects there is no limit.

On-Demand backups


3 Years of backup data retention


On-demand restores


Granular/item-level restores


Detailed backup analytics and logs


Supported items

As Supported by Atlassian API's - See detailed list below

Same site data restore support


Maintain parent child relationships when restoring your data


Access to original timestamps of restored confluence content


Backup & Restore support for Confluence Content


Restore Use Cases Supported

Couple of points to note from the above:

With the above in mind who is responsible for data loss in SaaS for the various scenarios?

The answer depends on the cause of data destruction - simple rule of thumb, if the data loss is due to infrastructure failure / non-availability of infra then it is the SaaS vendor on the other hand if the data destruction is due to a data breach or human error on the customer side then it is the customer who is responsible for the data.


Granular Recovery of Confluence Pages, Blogs & Attachments


Same site Confluence content restore


Site level recovery of data (Confluence content)

Multiple steps to recover:

  • Recover Confluence content

We are working on a simplified way to recover entire site data with just a few clicks - awaiting release of specific backup & restore related API’s from Atlassian

Alternate console for accessing backup data

The Revyz Data Manager for Confluence User Interface is embedded within Atlassian’s Jira console - We do not support a separate console outside of the Jira console at this point of time.

Content Management

Content Rollback


Additional Features

Detailed Error Logging


Selective Data Export (JSON / CSV)


Free plan

We do not offer a free plan at this point of time, although we offer a free trial which ranges between 30 - 59 days and is extendable on a case by case basis

Detailed listing of the specific Confluence content within Jira that are supported for backup and restore operations

Confluence Content






Multi-click restore process from UI










Inline comments



Footer comments



Third party app data is not backed-up as that data is not available in Atlassian Cloud. Our app is dependent on the API’s that are published by Atlassian. Thus far no other third-party app vendor has been open to providing a mechanism for backing & restoring up third party app data that is stored in their own cloud.

If you think we are missing something or we do not support something that you think is critical for you, please open a support request and we will get on a call with you to discuss your specific requirements!

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