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  • Click on “Restore“ in left navbar

  • Click on “Granular restore“ in top navbar - > Select pages

  • Select content snapshot and space name from source site

  • In space list type of space (personal, global) and how many pages are present in that space is displayed e.g. space A contains 4 pages & type of space A is global

  • Click on “Next“

  • Select destination side space name and click on “Preview pages

  • Preview page will show list of all pages present in selected source site’s space. select pages which you want to restore & click on “Next

  • Restore settings

    • Restore parent (Homepage)

      • Create new parent - It will create new parent page & restore selected pages under it

      • Reuse parent hierarchy if it exists, else create new - It will reuse same parent of destination space if exist otherwise create new parent on destination & restore selected pages under it

      • Attached selected pages to home page - It indicates pages is restored under homepage of selected space on destination site

    • Restore Children (Child pages)

      • Restore children - It will restore child pages if selected pages have child pages

      • Do not restore children - It will not restore child pages even if selected pages have child pages

  • Select setting as per the requirement and click on “View summary“ to check summary of selected pages also verify the settings you selected on previous page and click on “Restore”

  • Add job notes(optional). Job notes are basically some tags or purpose of restoring specific page. It will help you to remember same job in future

  • Click on “Restore

  • After triggering Restore, you will see Jobs page, where you can see the recent job which is in queued state initially. click on that Job id after job is success

  • Job details will give detailed information about triggered job. In above example 2 pages are selected & it is restored successfully on destination


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