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Project clone

  • Project clone allows you to clone selected company managed project along with its configurations from your source site to destination site or self site & you can select one or more projects at a time

  • Click on Clone Configuration in left navbar

  • Click on Project clone in top navbar

  • Select snapshot for source site & click on “Next

  • Select site. You can select same site i.e self site or cross site. All the sites having cross site connections will be listed out here

  • Click on Show projects - It will show all company managed projects from source site

  • Select projects which you want to clone

  • New name & new key is by default created by revyz but you can change it

  • Select project lead, first 3 letters is mandatory to search user name

  • All 3 fields i.e New name, New key & Project Lead are required fields

  • Click on Review dependencies after selecting the projects

  • After clicking on Review dependencies, it will show all the dependencies from selected project, object status & diff view (shows difference of destination site before clone and after clone)

  • Click on “View summary”

  • It will summarize what actions to be taken foe each object for selected project

  • Click on “Clone

  • Enter source site name & click on “Clone

  • You can check restored job in “Jobs“ page

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