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Opening the App

To open the Revyz Configuration Manager for Jira app, you must be a site admin.

Log in to your Jira site as an admin

  1. Click on “Apps

  2. Manage your apps

  3. In the left navigation of the “Apps” page you will see the “REVYZ CLOUD CONFIGURATION MANAGER” menu

  4. You could also go into the “Settings” menu within the Revyz app by clicking on the button “Get started” or “Configure

Depending on what you want to do in the Revyz app you can select from the top level menu listed on the left hand side navigation

Top level menu options include:

  • Clone Configuration

  • Backup Configuration

  • Site insights

  • Site Cleanup

  • Audit log

  • Settings

  • Support center

The entry point of this app is chosen such that, to restrict the access to app to only site admins

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