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Installing the app

To install Revyz Assets Data Manager for Jira app, you must be a site admin.

1. Log in to your Jira site as an admin

  • Click on “Apps”

  • “Explore more apps

2. Search for “Revyz”

  • Search for the revyz app in the Atlassian marketplace


  • The app tile appears as the search results filter, click on Revyz Assets Data Manager for Jira tile

3. Install the app

  • Click on the “Revyz Assets Data Manager for Jira” app tile to start the install process

  • Click on “Try it free”


  • Click on “Start free trial”


  • The app installation process starts and you will see two messages come up in the left bottom half of your screen. Installation starting message

  • On first screen , Click on “Get Started”

Screenshot from 2024-03-22 14-21-18-20240322-085118.png

  • You can see next screen where you get information about Data backups, Scheduled backup window, storage region, Retention policy and Data storage region. Click on “Next“

Screenshot from 2024-03-22 14-21-31-20240322-085131.png

  • On third screen, you can see all the Assets configurations & Assets objects which gets backed up. Click on “Next“

Screenshot from 2024-03-22 14-21-36-20240322-085136.png
  • Add Atlassianl API token to take backup of Assets configurations & Assets ojects

Screenshot from 2024-03-22 14-21-41-20240322-085141.png
  • You will get one prompt message with 2 options.

    • Run backup immediately - It will start immediate backup

    • I agree to all the settings (required)

    • Select and click on “Confirm”

      Screenshot from 2024-03-22 14-22-02-20240322-085202.png

4. Configure the app

Once the Installation completion message is seen - Click on “Manage app


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