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Object schema

  • Click on Restore in left navbar - > Click on Assets configurations in top navbar - >

  • Select snapshot & asset configuration as Create new object schema

  • You can restore object schema on same site or on cross site

  • Example of cross site restore

  • Click on “Restore“ in left navbar & “Assets configurations clone“ in top navbar

  • Select source site snapshot & click on “Next“


  • Enter destination site name & snapshot

  • Make sure destination site has JSM Assets & API token

  • Click on “Compare snapshots“. It will compare data between source & destination. Select object to restore & click on Review dependencies

  • Also you can check diff view to see exact difference

  • Click on “View Summary“ to confirm selected items & click on “Clone

  • Enter source site name again & click on “Clone“

  • Check restore job by clicking on job id on Jobs page

  • Example of Same site restore

  • Select same site & click on Restore preview

  • Select object schema to restore. You can restore only one schema at a time

  • Click on Next

  • Enter new object schema name & new key

  • If you want to restore it with default settings, then tick the checkbox “Restore object schema with default settings“ & click on Restore

  • If you uncheck the checkbox then click on “Next” button and select following settings

  • Object type

    • Create new - If you want to create object types

    • Do not restore - If you don’t want to restore object types

  • Statuses

    • Create new - If you want to create statuses associated to the schema

    • Do not restore - If you don’t want to restore statuses i.e reusing the statuses

  • Objects

    • Create new - If you want to create objects of object types from that schema

    • Do not restore - If you don’t want to restore the objects

  • Click on Restore

  • Confirm the prompt message & again click on Restore

  • Once job is restored, Click on job id for more details & click on logs to see the logs

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