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Change Control & Release Management

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Revyz follows an Agile model and so we run 2 week sprints to implement our roadmap as well as to fix bugs

Change Control

We use Bitbucket for source control and a variant of gitflow is used as our branching strategy.

The production branch is maintained as a stable branch from where any feature / bugfix branches are forked from.

All forked branches are merged back into production after pull requests are code reviewed and the builds are passing.

Release Management

Continuous Integration is set up using AWS CodeBuild. Any changes to the develop branch are automatically tested and built.

Additionally some manual testing is done on the latest commit before it is deployed to a Pre-Production environment.

The release to Production is done after making sure that the Pre-Production Environment is stable.


Git Repository Manager, Code Reviews & CI

Issue Tracker - Jira Service Management Cloud

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