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Security Incident Policy

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Every care is taken by Revyz to protect personal data from incidents (either accidentally or deliberately) to avoid a data protection breach that could compromise security. This policy brings clarity to partners and customers regarding our approach to handle personal data breaches effectively.


The company is obliged under the GDPR to have in place an institutional framework designed to ensure the security of all personal data during its lifecycle, including clear lines of responsibility. For more information, please see our Cloud Security Statement.(Cloud Security Statement )

Definition / Types of Breach

An incident in the context of this Policy is an event or action which may compromise the confidentiality, integrity or availability of systems or data, either accidentally or deliberately, and has caused or has the potential to cause damage to the company’s information, assets and/or reputation.

An incident includes but is not restricted to, the following:

  • Loss or theft of confidential or sensitive data or equipment on which such data is stored (e.g. loss of laptop)

  • Attempts (failed or successful) to gain unauthorized access to information or system(s)

  • Unauthorized disclosure of sensitive / confidential data

  • Human error

Responding to a Data Breach

Revyz’s response plan is as follows:

  • Confirm the Breach

  • Contain the Breach

  • Assess Risks and Impact

  • Report the Incident

  • Resolve the Incident and provide a postmortem report



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