To get to the "Restore Settings" you would have to click on the "Gear" icon on the right side of the screen ⛭ → Restore Settings

Note - you will find “Restore Settings” in a similar place under “Restore” as you found “Backup Settings” under backup.

This takes you to the Restore settings page where you can do the following:

  • Restore issues as attachments - Revyz will upload issues as attachments to all restored issues - this feature exists to provide you with all the data related to the Jira issue that was backed-up in csv or json format.  The options provided are to include the json & csv along with the newly restored Jira issue.

  • Restore parent - Revyz will restore parent issue of the selected issue(s) - As an example Jira Issue ABC-112 was part of an epic ABC-20, in selecting this feature, you will automatically restore back ABC-20 & ABC-112 and the two will be linked appropriately

  • Restore children - Revyz will restore child issue(s) of the selected issue(s) - This is the reverse of "Restore parent" above. As an example epic ABC-20 had 20 stories nested under it, selecting this option will not only restore back ABC-20 but also all the underlying 20 stories and all the linking will be automatically be taken care off for you by Revyz