Key capabilities of the Revyz Backup & Restore App


  • Backup of all Jira Software projects in the site where the app is installed

  • Automatic backup of issues, attachments, screens, workflows and more, every 24 hrs

  • Unlimited backups with backup of upto 250GB in attachments data

  • 1 year of data retention

  • On demand scheduling of backup


  • Restore use cases addressed:

    • Restoration of data back into the Jira site from where the data was backed-up from

      • Restoration of issues as new issues in existing projects

      • Restoration of backed-up configuration objects

      • Export of issues and configuration objects in CSV / JSON format

      • Restoration of modified / deleted issues between backup cycles as new issues

      • Coming soon

        • Update to existing issues from backup

        • Export of data at the project level in CSV / JSON formats

  • Unlimited number of restores of data including attachments

Infrastructure capabilities

  • Offsite backups isolated from Atlassian cloud and data available on-demand

  • Backups hosted on secure, compliant and highly available AWS Cloud

  • Supported AWS regions for data storage: us-east-1

  • Atlassian native authentication and authorization controls

  • Data is encrypted at rest and in transit using industry standard protocols - TLS 1.2 & AES256