Get a quick view of all the various data objects within your Jira site by going to the “Site insights” page.

Apps → Manage Apps → Site insights → Summary

This page provides you with information on all the various Jira objects that are present in your Jira site in Graph view & Card view. All the items listed are clickable and will take you to the appropriate page to show you more details of that Jira object. As an example the Workflows under the Workflows & Screens card shows you the number of workflows you have in your Jira site, clicking on that object will take you to the more detailed list of the workflows.

Issues - Gives you statistics and details of issues that have been deleted, modified and added in new over time

Attachments - This page provides you analytics on the attachments present in your Jira site

Configuration graph - Provides you a view a clickable graph view of how your Jira site is configured and the relationships among the various configuration elements