Data residing in your Revyz cloud data store can be restored back in a granular fashion on on-demand basis.

Restore - salient points

Restore uses cases addressed

  1. Data is restored back to the same tenant from where it was backed-up from.

    • Support for restoring data back to an alternate tenant is planned for in the future

  2. Issues from the backup will restored back as new issues i.e. issue in the backup with id TIS-101 will be restored back as TIS-<next available id>. Data corresponding to all fields supported by the Atlassian API’s are added back

    • The original Issue in CSV & JSON formats is attached back to the new issue as a reference, as it contains critical timestamps which cannot be restored back

  3. Configuration objects backed up are restored back with a timestamp appended to their name

  4. All the data that is backed-up is also available for the user to download in CSV or JSON formats


Restore allows for the administrator to pick a specific backup snapshot and restore back data in a granular fashion.

The use cases supported are:

  • Restoration of Assets configuration

  • Restoration of Jira configuration

  • Restoration of issues as new issues

  • Revert existing issues to previous versions

  • Restore attachments

Lets review how to use each of the capabilities that the Revyz app provides for restoring your Jira data.