After you install the Revyz Backup & Restore App from the Atlassian Marketplace, you have to configure the app to get the first backup started. Follow the steps below to get the first backup started for Jira projects backup including Jira Software (JSW), Jira Service Management (JSM), Jira Work Management (JWM), Jira Project Discovery (JPD) and Jira Service Management (JSM) Assets.

Once Installation is complete:

Once the Installation completion message is seen - Click on “Manage app

This will lead you into the welcome screen of our app

Jira Projects Backup Setup

  • This screen is the start of the initial setup before backups can begin. Next click on “Get started”

  • This screen shows the key setup elements. Click on “Next”

  • You can select the specific projects you want to backup from the screen. By default all projects are selected. A new project created subsequently gets automatically selected for backup. This page is available in the “Settings” ⚙️ page to make changes in the future. Once you have unselected any projects that you don’t want to backup, click on the “I agree to all settings” check box and click on “Finish” to get the setup completed

 Your site is now setup for automatic backups of all your Jira Projects and the first backup has started!

Next if you are using JSM Assets configure you JSM Assets backup else review the progress for the first backup job here

Jira Service Management Assets Backup Setup

To setup your “Assets” backup follow the steps below

  1. Add an Atlassian API token. Keep in mind the token needs to be generated by the site administrator

  2. Once the API token is added toggle the button to get the first back started

  • Instructions on how to generate an Atlassian token are available here - Manage API tokens for your Atlassian account

  • API’s for JSM Assets do not support JWT (JSON Web Tokens) as of yet and hence the need add in separate API token.

Next if review the progress for the first set of backup jobs here